Mother's Milk Bank at Austin

Milk is dispensed by prescription to any baby with a medical need regardless of insurance or financial resources.

  • About the Bank

    The Mother's Milk Bank at Austin is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accept, pasteurize and dispense donor human milk by physician prescription, primarily to ill infants.

    Did you know that you can help save the life of a premature or sick baby? Your extra breast milk can be life-saving to fragile infants!






    Jaxon's doctor told his parents that donor breast milk was paramount to his survival!

    "When I first spoke to the Milk Bank I actually EXHALED!

    We are thankful for each and every single day!"

    - Donor Milk Recipient's Mother.

  • San Antonio Collection Sites

    The screening and approval process is quick and easy. Plus, the San Antonio area has FOUR convenient drop-off locations! The locations are:


    North Central Baptist Hospital - directions

    Mother's Milk First Lactation Center in the Atrium

    502 Madison Oaks, Suite 190

    San Antonio TX 78258



    Northeast Baptist Hospital

    8811 Village Dr. - directions

    San Antonio, Tx 78217



    Christus Santa Rosa Hospital - New Braunfels

    2nd Floor, Lactation Center - directions

    600 N. Union Ave.

    New Braunfels, Texas 78130

    830-606-9111 ext. 6193

  • Steps to Becoming a Milk Donor

    1. Complete a 10-15 minute phone screening by calling the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin at  512-494-0800 or 1-877-813-MILK (6455).


    2. Complete and return an informational packet.


    3. Have a blood test done. (We pay.)


    4. When we receive your paperwork and lab results, our Executive Director calls you with your approval status.


    Milk donors must be in good general health and not regularly taking any medications or herbal supplements (with a few exceptions). You can donate milk that you have pumped before becoming a donor. Also, the milk you donate could very likely serve babies in your community. We are currently serving over 60 hospitals in Texas and 14 other states, including hospitals in San Antonio.


"Every person, at some point, needs to know that they have done something to make a difference. What a wonderful gift that the Mother's Milk Bank at Austin offers babies and families in Texas" - Donor Mom

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