Local Breastfeeding Classes for Families

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Local birthing hospitals offer Breastfeeding classes for expectant couples.  This includes Baptist Health System, Christus Santa Rosa, Methodist Health System and University Health System. For more information for classes go to Local Resources.


• Milc Group

(210) 960-MILC

(210) 960-6452





• Childbirth & Parenting Education Series.

Hey Mama,

Want to learn more about what to expect during childbirth? Just need a refresher? Breastfeeding? Baby not sleeping at night?

All these and more topics are covered in our Childbirth & Parenting Education Series.

Classes are individual, and can be attended separately or as a series. You only pay for the ones you go to. Yeah, it's cool like that.

For descriptions, pricing and schedule, go to: www.tranquilseasons.com

Don't miss out!!!




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